Central North Island Sika Foundation 2017 – 2018 Committee

President: John Cook
Secretary: Cam Speedy
Treasurer: Mark Bridgman- McMillan
Easter Rep: Gary Harwood
Western Rep: Tane Lawless
General Rep: Denley Tarplett
General Rep: John Davis
NZDA Rep: David Hudson
Conservation Board Rep: Lauri Burdett
Iwi Liaison Rep: Tom Loughlin
Business/ Finance/Sponsorship: Mike Clinch
Game management technical advisor: Dan Herries

Meet some of the key people behind the CNISF

johnJohn Cook has been dairy farming for 32 years and hails from Te Awamutu. He is a keen recreational hunter of deer and pigs and has also enjoyed bow hunting over the last two years. He wants to be involved with CNISF to help ensure the sika herd is managed and preserved so that quality recreational hunting is alive and well for many years to come.
cam1Cam Speedy is a freelance Wildlife Biologist based in the Central North Island with more than 30 years’ experience working on a range of both native and introduced wildlife. Cam’s first love is Sika deer and he has been involved in sika research most of his working life including habitat studies, herd dynamics, population monitoring and radio tracking work, with a number of published scientific papers and 100’s of magazine articles.
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img_9814Mark Bridgman-McMillan is the director of Sika Sika Show Ltd and organises this popular annual hunting and outdoors event each year since 1996. He has lived in Taupo since 1979, and became a member of the NZDA in 1980. He formed the Hunters & Habitats Club in 2001. Mark is also the owner of Custom Cartridges Ltd (Gunsmithing & Ammunition) and he is a member of the NZ Gunsmiths Society. He is the Treasurer for the CNISF.
alanAround 2000, while working at the Sika Show, Allan Jackson got involved with jaw aging. He sees it as a nice fit into his experience with Field Research, knowledge of Ecology, and passion for hunting. Today this work is supported by the Sika Show [Hunters and Habitats], NZDA, Wapiti Foundation and DOC. Approximately 800 jaws are aged each year.
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denleyDenley Tarplett, current committee member of Rotorua deer stalkers Branch, has been associated with the NZDA for over 25 years, organizing hunts and speakers for the branch. Keen and active hunter for over 40 years hunting both Sika and Red deer. A current Firearms safety instructor and Firearms Licensing Vettor. Denley has always held Sika as a very valuable resource and through the foundation ensure further protection and through careful management continue to improve the herd and the environment where they range for future generations.
TaneTane is a family man, and they all love getting out amongst nature, hunting, camping and collecting firewood. He is a full-time mechanic living in Taupo, and he is out hunting and monitoring Sika weekly. If not hunting, Tane is learning about local history and his personal background in this region. He is often on public and private lands; loves the native wildlife and getting pest numbers down with his partner and kids.

“Living off the land is a part of life, and management is something we need,” he says. “I have met a lot of Sika hunters and I am always attending meetings relating to the local forests doing my own personal research on native species.” Tane was nominated by Tom Loughlin, who sees the potential in him as he is passionate, has respect for nature/wildlife, and is keen to get involved with learning from others to help protect what there is for future generations.
Nik Maxwell is the Editor/Creative Director of New Zealand Guns & Hunting Magazine, and the creator of the Sika Foundation brand. He has hunted sika for most of his hunting career (over 30 years hunting sika) and has all but covered the entire Kaimanawas and Kawekas in pursuit of them. Nik has has also created the Sika Hunting Tips & Info Series of articles and stunning images, with the primary objective to educate and motivate both new and experienced sika hunters what sika hunting has to offer, and just how significant the sika herd is.
dad-30David Hudson is a carpet & vinyl layer for 36 years. He’s a competitive person and has competed in BMX and mountain bike racing for thirty odd years at the top level, but his main passion has always been hunting, photography and nature. It’s his happy, non-competitive time-out place. In recent times he has rejoined the NZDA and has since taken on the role of President of the Waikato Branch. David has hunted many species in many varying locations for more than 30 years, But the Kaimanawa ranges hold a very special place in his heart chasing the wily old sika more than any other deer. He says it is very addictive, and their future needs to be better managed for the next generations. David feels privileged to be part of the CNISF as he sees this is the future of the Sika deer.
jamieJamie Fairbairn comes from a long line of Sika hunters. He grew up in Tokoroa and now lives in Tauranga where he runs his own building company. For the last 20 years Jamie has been hunting Sika. At the start he would follow his uncles Bob and Gary Ramsay searching for the elusive Sika stags. Jamie has a huge love and respect for the bush and Sika country is where he spends most of his spare time. The only roar he has missed in the last 20 years was while he was in London. While there, he managed to head to Scotland and hunt down a nice stag. He is a Member of the NZDA and Douglas score measurer. Until recently he wrote about Sika hunting for NZ Outdoor Hunting magazine but with two young future sika hunting boys at foot, he stepped away from the writing. Jamie loves taking people out to secure their first deer. It doesn’t matter if he’s carrying a rifle or the camera, it’s the experiences that has him going back.
danDan Herries manages a large property on the eastern boundary of the Kaweka Forest Park. He now spends more time guiding other people on sika hunts, than hunting himself. Dan has studied sika for over 10 years in the Kaweka Forest Park and is the previous coordinator of the Kaweka Mountain Beech Project. Like Cam, Dan can't get enough of sika research. He conducted the sika satellite tracking study in Kaweka, population modelling, vegetation monitoring, deer density surveys and aerial deer control. Much of this work has been published in scientific papers. Dan has a passion for ensuring healthy sika can exist in the stunning mountains of the Central North Island.
tomTom Loughlin (Ngati Tuwharetoa- Ngapuhi/Te Rarawa) has been involved with game management for many years, in particular the wild herd of Sika that live in the immediate area where he hosts an exclusive tourism programme Kai Waho Aotearoa. The kaupapa that Tom follows is a simple kaupapa of sustainability, both in his tourism operation and the Sika herd that he has become Kaitiaki to. He is now in his ninth year following a kaupapa he is very passionate about.
MartineRollsMartine Pierhagen is a writer, digital strategist and and PR consultant based in Tauranga. She takes care of the Foundation's press relationships, website, and Facebook page. Her background is in journalism, marketing and corporate communications. She has a passion for people and everything online, especially social media.