Profile of John Davis

John, 70, has lived and worked in Taupo for 33 years. After 50 years of hunting, mainly Fallow and Red Deer, in Wanganui and south Taumarunui areas, He had never thought of chasing Sika deer so close to Taupo. After discussing Sika and the Sika Foundation with Cam Speedy, John was impressed with the opportunities to improve the Sika in the Kaimanawa’s and decided, “to help where ever I can as I am retired and have the time”.

John has attended meetings of both the Sika Foundation and the liaison group, and is keen to be involved further along. He has a good relationship with various local DOC employees over the years, when he was Chairman of the Taupo Fishery Advisory Committee, and is pleased to help where ever he is able.

Personal Profile of Tane Lawless

Tane is a family man, and they all love getting out amongst nature, hunting, camping and collecting firewood. He is a full-time mechanic living in Taupo, and he is out hunting and monitoring Sika weekly.  If not hunting, Tane is learning about local history and his personal background in this region. He is often on public and private lands; loves the native wildlife and getting pest numbers down with his partner and kids.

“Living off the land is a part of life, and management is something we need,” he says. “I have met a lot of Sika hunters and I am always attending meetings relating to the local forests doing my own personal research on native species.” Tane was nominated by Tom Loughlin, who sees the potential in him as he is passionate, has respect for nature/wildlife, and is keen to get involved with learning from others to help protect what there is for future generations.

Profile of Gary Harwood

As an active hunter, Gary is out hunting or photographing Sika Deer at least once a week throughout the year, and he sees these magnificent game animals as a valuable resource both for their exceptional trophy potential and as a sought after meat animal for the thousands of hunters who travel from all over New Zealand and overseas, to hunt Sika Deer in the Central North Island.

“We need to protect this valuable resource for our future generations as there are many threats to our sport including anti hunting groups, the anti gun lobby, those that see deer as a pest and not a valuable resource and aerial poisoning programmes, gone are the days where we can just take our hunting way life for granted,” Gary says.

“I believe the Sika Foundation is an excellent avenue to protect Sika Deer into the future by establishing Sika as herd of special interest to ensure we are in a strong position to counter these threats and as hunters have an active role in managing this valuable resource and the environment they live in.”

Gary is a currently an active member of the Kaimanawa Liaison Group, NZDA Taupo branch and he looks forward to representing hunters and their interests on the Sika Foundation if elected.

Profile of Cam Speedy

Cam has a life-long interest in Sika Deer as a hunter, a biologist and a researcher. He has extensive knowledge of Sika ecology, habitats and behaviour particularly in the Kaimanawa (western) part of the Range. As the incumbent Secretary of the Sika Foundation and member of the original establishment committee, he brings a detailed knowledge of the functioning of the Foundation, its direction and the necessary requirements to help the Foundation succeed. Cam seeks another term as secretary, or as a member of the Exec committee in the role of Western Rep or General member Rep, to continue the great work of the Foundation.

Profile of Denley Tarplett

Denley currently is a general member Rep on the Foundation and has been actively promoting the Foundation. Being on the NZDA Rotorua Branch Committee, he was able to organise through the Rotorua Branch a good donation for the Foundation. He has also promoted the Foundation through the hunting retailers in Rotorua and in his work as a Firearms Licensing Vetter and as a firearm Safety Instructor.

“I have been active in promoting the Foundations organized management hunts; I have also given input into the Foundations Submission on the TB Free 1080 Operations and attended meetings held by TB Free,” Denley says.

At last year’s Sika Show, he was on the Foundation’s show stand for the weekend further promoting the Sika Foundation. If re-elected he will continue to promote the Foundation vigorously to help bring our objectives to fruition.

Profile of John Cook

John Cook is the current President of the CNISF. He has been dairy farming for 32 years and hails from Te Awamutu. He is a keen recreational hunter of deer and pigs and has also enjoyed bow hunting over the last two years. He wants to stay involved with CNISF to help ensure the Sika herd is managed and preserved so that quality recreational hunting is alive and well for many years to come. 

Profile of Mark Bridgman-McMillan

Mark is the director of the Sika Show Ltd and organises this popular annual hunting and outdoors event each year since 1996. He has lived in Taupo since 1979 and became a member of the NZDA in 1980; he formed the Hunters & Habitats Club in 2001.  Mark is also owner of Custom Cartridges Ltd (Gunsmith & Ammunition), he is a member of the NZ Gunsmiths Society and Treasurer for the CNISF. He is a business professional with a wealth of industry knowledge, and is passionate about deer management and conservation.