Sika Management Hunts

The Department of Conservation’s (DOC) Kaimanawa Forest Park Conservation Management Plan provides for just six designated helicopter landing sites, often associated with huts. This can restrict recreational hunting effort in more isolated parts of the Park.  In recognition of this restriction, the Plan also provides for helicopter landings at additional sites for ‘management purposes’, including recreational hunter access where this is deemed desirable and where hunting can be coordinated.

Recreational hunting interests, including the NZDA, Hunters & Habitats Inc and Sika Foundation, have been working with DOC to identify strategic helicopter landing sites within Kaimanawa Forest Park, to allow for additional recreational hunter effort in more isolated catchments, on the basis that these are used for “Management Hunts”.

Dates for the next hunts will be released in a newsletter to members once they are available, before we advertise them on Facebook. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information and cancellations.

Please note – Full payment will be required at the time of booking if successful, of which $150 is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

Contact John Cook by email for more details:

Updated Hunt Block Map & Helipad Sites

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