East of Tongariro National Park, the Kaimanawa Forest Park is a large area of native forests, shrublands and tussock grasslands. Popular for hunting,Kaimanawa Forest Park is made up of four mountain ranges dissected by a number of large river systems. It lies south-east of Lake Taupō, between Tongariro National Park to the west, and Kaweka Forest Park to the east.

The sika herd, which also inhabits neighbouring Kaweka Forest Park and the Ahimanawa area, is the only wild herd in the southern hemisphere. The northern part of Kaimanawa Forest Park is a Recreational Hunting Area where recreational hunting is the primary means of deer control. Hunting permits, hut passes and general information are available from DOC’s offices. More here (PDF).

Kaimanawa Kaweka Forest Canopy Map

Kaimanawa Kaweka Forest canopy