Get involved

To make a difference in the long run for recreational sika hunters in New Zealand, the Sika Foundation relies on sponsors, members and dedicated volunteers. Our work would simply not be possible without your support.

To become a member, please click here for all the info and the registration form. The cost is just $50 annually so join us if you are interested in supporting our work and our goals.


Where would we be without our amazing volunteers?

There are several people who contribute, often travelling significant distances to participate, which counts for thousands of much needed volunteer hours.

If you can support us with your skills and time and want to get involved in our projects, such as the Whio Protection Project, Hut & Track Maintenance, or our Foodbank Support, we want to hear from you!

Please get in touch by using this registration form or send an email to


We are incredibly grateful for the businesses and organisations that assist us with funding or in-kind sponsorship. It means we can maintain and grow our projects, and fund our operational costs. To find out more about your sponsorship options, please contact our sponsorship coordinator Mike Clinch via email: