Gary was born and bred in Gisborne where he grew up on the family farm and started hunting from a very young age, mainly hunting Red deer and pigs in Urewera country.

He moved to Taupo over 30 years ago and soon turned his attention to hunting Sika deer and is out either hunting Sika or photographing them at least once a week in the Kaimanawas, Kawekas and Ahimanawas.

He sees our Sika herd as a unique and valuable resource both for their trophy potential and as a top-quality meat animal.

Gary is involved with working alongside the likes of Landcare research with survey work and recently mortality trials for deer repellent, Coordinator for the Kaimanawa Predator Control Project in the headwaters of the Mohaka River aimed at protecting the fragile Whio population in the area and lobbying OSPRI to mitigate the effects their pest control operations have on recreational hunters.

Passionate about protecting our valuable game animals and the right to hunt them for future generations, Gary sees the CNISF’s goal of establishing Sika as a Herd Of Special Interest as the logical step towards securing the future of this prized game animal and managing the environment for them to thrive in.