jaws3Allan Jackson has worked in the Dairy and Deer industries all his life. While working for Agresearch as a Field Research Technician, he did my Field Technology training at Lincoln University and found the course in Ecology fascinating. It is an interest that continues today.

Around 2000, while working at the Sika Show, he got involved with Jaw Aging. Allan sees it as a nice fit into his experience with Field Research, knowledge of Ecology, and passion for hunting.

Today this work is supported by Sika Show [Hunters and Habitats], NZDA, Wapiti Foundation and DOC. With approx 800 jaws aged each year.

The Sika Foundation key goals are to get the Sika Herd recognised as an integral part of a healthy forest system and an important recreational resource. In doing this we, as hunters, also accept a mandate to manage the Sika Herd.

The jaw work gives an objective insight into the three way interaction of the Forest, Deer and the Hunter.  Allan believes the Jaw work is an important tool to assist the Sika Foundation achieve its goals and wishes to continue to contribute this work to the advantage of the Sika Foundation.