factsheet3The CNI Sika Foundation has expressed concern at the poor engagement process followed by Ospri and requested that any operations under their new plan be put on hold until a proper engagement process with stakeholders can be undertaken.

Any such process would need to clearly identify a robust, scientifically based justification for these operations; and how any potential impacts on the Sika herd, Sika hunters, Sika related businesses and affected landowners might be effectively mitigated.

2018 Submission – 2019 Ospri Operational Plan

You can find the CNISF 1080 Policy here… (PDF)

The consultation document and details about how to make a submission are available at ospri.co.nz/have-your-say.

Notifications about current and upcoming 1080 operations and maps of the affected areas will be posted on this page as they become available.

April 2018 

OSPRI has scheduled information evenings for the 2018 TB aerial 1080 control programme in the Hawkes Bay. The operations planned for this year are Maungataniwha and Central Kaweka.

For fact sheets for these operations please click on the links: Maungataniwha and Central Kaweka

Information evenings, dates and locations:

When: 22 May, 3:30pm to 7:00pm
Where: Conservation House, 59 Marine Parade, Napier.

When: 23 May, 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Puketitiri Golf Club, 4840 Puketitiri Road, Puketitiri.

When: 24 May, 3:30pm to 7:00pm
Where: Kotemaori Hall, Corner SH2/Kotemaori Settlement Road, Kotemaori.

These information evenings are being held as ‘drop in events’ where you can come along at any stage, within the advertised times, and talk with OSPRI staff and/ or the contractor staff about the operations or aspects of the TB programme.

While these are ‘drop in events’ a presentation can be given if those present would like one. The presentation would cover the TB programme in general as well as explain details of the Maungataniwha and Central Kaweka operations as planned for this winter/ spring of 2018 – a question and answer session would follow.

If required, a presentation would start at:

– 6:00pm at Napier
– 6:30pm Puketitiri
– 6:00pm Kotemaori

Please note that additional meetings, that were scheduled for April this year, have all been cancelled.

October 2017 

The effectiveness of using deer repellent coating to deter sika deer from eating cereal baits was studied between June and September in the high-country hunting grounds of the central North Island. The research was carried out by Landcare Research on behalf of OSPRI with the support and assistance of expert local deer hunters associated with the Sika Foundation. Read the Sika Deer Repellent Trial report here…

August 2017 

New pest-control operations are due to commence in August/September 2017. Details of these and other upcoming 1080 operations as advised by the Department of Conservation can be found here:

Umukarikari Factsheet 2017
Whirinaki Factsheet 2017

The first in a series of deer surveys in the Kaimanawa Range has been completed to assess the disease status of deer and wildlife to build a picture of bovine tuberculosis (TB) infection in the area by OSPRI. More information in here: TBfree Kaimanawa Factsheet

July 2017 

We’ve been notified of another aerial pest control operation for Tongariro North, planned for spring 2017 (weather dependant). This operation will cover approximately 33,000 hectares and is a collaboration project between the Department of Conservation (DOC) and OSPRI’s TBfree programme. Click here for the letter that outlines the details. Click here for the map and fact sheet.

June 2017 

Ospri notified us of another upcoming aerial operation for controlling possums in the Hatepe 5 and Paemahi area. Please find more information and a map here…

May 2017 

We have received another notice from Epro Ltd of the intention of a new possum control operation in the Bay of Plenty Forest area. Please use this link to download the Map and Fact Sheet

February 2017

This is the submission from the Central North Island Sika Foundation based on the 2017 consultation document issued by Ospri in December 2016.  This submission should be read in conjunction with our approved 1080 Policy.
Submission – 2017 Ospri 1080 Operations (PDF)
November 2016
OSPRI is inviting feedback on their 2017 national plan for TBfree pest control operations. The consultation document and details about how to make a submission are available on this page:

The document outlines the proposed pest control operations in support of the National Pest Management Plan for 2017. It also outlines the approach taken by OSPRI in relation to engagement for the TB management and eradication programme.

The consultation period runs through to Friday 24 February 2017 and there are a number of ways to make a submission, including an online submission form.

OSPRI says in a statement that during the consultation period, they will be meeting with key stakeholder groups and interest groups to get their feedback on the document. As part of this they plan to host a series of information sessions in operational areas where there is likely to a high level of public and community interest.

OSPRI says the organisation believes that it is important to undertake effective and timely consultation. This will provide an opportunity for people and organisations interested in, or affected by, our pest control operations, including landowners and land users, farmers, hunters and recreational land users to discuss any concerns they may have regarding the proposed operations.

If you have any immediate questions or comments please contact consultation@ospri.co.nz

The TB Plan

The aim of the new TB Plan is to eradicate TB from New Zealand. Key details about the plan and recent review can be found in the factsheet ‘New plan to tackle TB’. Please direct all feedback to OSPRI and share this with others who have an interest in it.

September 2016 

The Sika Foundation was notified by DOC that a reduced version of the Ospri Kaipo 1080 Operation in the Kaimanawa RHA has been approved to proceed. See the revised map here…

They have removed about 1/3 of the original proposal, in the southern part (Oamaru River, Jap Creek, Cascade Stm and the true right of the Kaipo Catchment).  We are informed that all bait will have deer repellent however, the Foundation is very disappointed that so many of its concerns have not been addressed.

The area has been subject to considerable snow damage this winter, with access roads and tracks severely impacted.  Forest canopy damage is extensive.  It is likely some deer will have already died from the extreme weather but canopy damage will have provided additional feed for deer, too.

The extensive canopy debris on the forest floor will also make accessing 1080 baits more difficult for deer.  Only time will tell what impact it will have on the Sika herd but current conditions will make assessing that impact difficult.

June 2016

GAC update on OSPRI TB Control Operations in the Kawekas, Kaimanawas and Ahimanawas

May 2016
Notification Ngamanawa, Kaingaroa and Whirinaki forests – Map 1 and Map 2

April 2016
Ahimanawa Takahiapo Factsheet
Factsheet Hauhungaroa

March 2016
1080 Operation – Kaingaroa (Waimahia), Wainui, Opepe South, Opepe Trust
Kaipo  –  See the revised map here…
East Taupo 7A 7B 8 – Consult Map 4Feb16