Whether you hunt for meat, trophy or both, there is no denying that Sika present the hunter with challenges and interactions like no other deer species.

Their vocal and inquisitive nature, combined with their ability to learn quickly from mistakes and adapt to hunting pressure makes them one of our most exciting and addictive big game animals to hunt. It is these traits that make the Sika one of New Zealand’s iconic hunting resources.

To help facilitate a process of engagement with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Game Animal Council (GAC), the Central North Island Sika Foundation was formed. The Foundation has as its vision:

“A healthy Sika hunting resource, thriving in resilient natural habitats, valued by stakeholders”

One of our objectives is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Sika herd for recreational hunters – no matter who you are or what your drive is to hunt.  We aim to provide better information. Improving access and opportunities for hunters to have better animal encounter experiences. This is a team effort, and sharing experiences is what we’re all about.

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The work that the Sika Foundation does would not be possible without donations. We are incredibly grateful for this as an organisation, as we need ongoing support and funds to be able to maintain and grow our projects, as well as for general operational costs. If you can help, please click below which will take you to our PayPal donations page. Thank you!

 If you prefer to make a donation to the Central North Island Sika Foundation with a direct bank transfer, please use this bank account: (ANZ): 06 0429 0299973-00.
To support our Whio protection project and help us purchase more traps, the account number is: 06 0429 0299973-26.
Please use your name as a reference and email: mike@sikafoundation.co.nz if you require an invoice.

Hind Sight Competition

Through winter 2020, the Sika Foundation is running a competition to encourage hunters to learn more about their hunting locations by studying the Sika hinds they shoot. Winter is the ideal time (ethically) to harvest Sika hinds, when last year’s young are plenty old enough to survive and before the new fawns are born.  Find all the details about our Hind Sight Competition here.